Youth Out Loud anthology of youth stories:

Stories can be any length up to 5000 words. Please send two copies if submitting through mail. Don't feel you have to fit your writing into any particular style. If you work best in prose, rants, lyrics, free-style writing, poetry or traditional short story form, please send it in!

If you would like to be published anonymously then let us know and we will not include your legal name. Feel free to pick a pen name, but we will need to have your name on the submission form that must be signed before the book is published. Please note, the form is only for the printed book and not for the website. If you don't want your work to appear under your legal name though, no problem at all, just tells us what you want. We don't want anyone to feel censored or afraid to speak it like it is, so if it helps to use a pen name, go ahead. If you want the world to know it's you, then by all means, sign your real name!

We regret that not all stories can be published, it will depend on how many submissions are received, but we will do our best to keep everyone informed about the progress of the book. We will not be able to send stories back to you, so please don't send your original copies. Please look at the form, fill it out and send it in with your submission. Include a small paragraph about yourself and what you would like people to know about who you are with your submission. Thanks.

Deadline: July 15th, 2006. But send in now if you like!

Send stories by mail or by electronic attachment through e-mail or both! (Check contact us page).

The idea of our anthology is to provide a space for all youth between the ages of 15 to 25 to say what you want to the world.

So don't be shy! Write and write and keep writing. If you want to submit more than one piece, go for it, however if you do submit two pieces only one can be up to 5000 words and the other would have to be around 2500 words.

We are looking forward to reading your stories and getting them published. If any money is made, the proceeds will go towards the next project for youth out loud, which will be a stage play. Stay tuned for more details!

If you have any questions, write us a note and we will do our best to respond and post more info on the site.

It's time for a youth revolution! Time to be heard. Time to listen to each other and time for the rest of the world to listen to youth.